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Welcome to the Paws N' Pounds Plan Health Movement. Together we can combat canine obesity and promote healthy lifestyles for our furry friends. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our team of pet owners is dedicated to making a meaningful and lasting impact. Join us today and make a difference.

Bark to the Basics: 
A Canine Obesity Guide

Eating Puppy

Paws n' Pounds Plan - Stakeholders


The Paws n' Pounds Plan was created in collaboration between the University of Alberta Human-Animal-Bond research group and Dr. Michael Kolla at Westbrook Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Kolla graduated from the University of Saskatchewan's Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979. He joined Westbrook a few years later, and became the proud owner in 1993. Dr. Kolla's dedication is evident in his lasting relationships with countless Westbrook clients and their families.

Dr. Michael Kolla, DVM 

Created in 2024, Paws n' Pounds Plan has been joining the fight against canine obesity. Our Health Movement is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles, educating on nutrition and exercise, and advocating for healthier communities. Join us today and help us make a difference.

Our Mission

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